The third Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom is being convened by the government of the Republic of Poland. Official events will occur on November 16th and 17th. Independent organizational side events will occur throughout the week. The International Religious Freedom Roundtable is hosting the Ministerial Events Program. Use this form, powered by the 21Wilberforce Freedom Center, to submit your side event. 

IRF Ministerial Events – Notes on Submitting an Event:

  1. Each organization manages its own RSVPs. You can link to an RSVP system such as Evite, Google Forms, Zoom Sign Up, Webex, etc. in the “RSVP Link” field.
  2. To add a new Venue or Organizer go to the Venue Details or Organizer Details field, click the drop down menu, start typing the name of the Venue/Organizer, and click “Create.”
  3. Newly submitted events will be reviewed and processed within 1-2 business days for publication on the IRF Ministerial Events website.
  4. To edit the details of your already submitted event, type “EDIT” followed by the title of your event in the Event Title Box. Please your event will not be deleated until we publish the new one If you need to make any edits
  5. You must provide an event planner email address to have your event published.
  6. Use full links, including “www.” and do not use link shorteners such as, tinyurl, etc.
  7. It is recommended that you use a 16:9 aspect ratio for your featured event image.

The IRF Ministerial Events Program is powered by the 21Wilberforce Freedom Center